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Hi! WELCOME to Jon Borcik's JRB Photography website.

I'm a professional with a Master's in Engineering who loves competing in running/cycling events, coaching youth club soccer, driving sports cars and being artistic with a camera. The photography bug hit me at age 24 when I bought my first film camera and took my first photography class. With the advances in digital photography, my creativiness has only grown. Since my boys all play sports, I tried my hand at capturing their moments the best I could, and that passion has expanded into capturing the event. If I'm at your event, you can be sure I'll capture you. I enjoy photographing sports, landscapes, panoramics, portraits and night scenes. I've become pretty efficient with Photoshop and use it to produce some creative photography and collages.

If you would like to have me photograph an event, develop some portrait shots, create a personalized yearbook or sports collage, make a photo clock or simply want a print of any of my photos, please feel free to contact me for pricing at JRBPHOTO@VERIZON.NET ...my prices are pretty reasonable! :). I can provide prints from wallet size to 36" x 42".

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my photography! Member of the Sports Photographers List

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